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Becky Slack

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Becky is the founder and managing director of Slack Communications. She is the former deputy editor of Charity Times, editor of Professional Fundraising and publishing editor of Charity Insight magazines. Becky is also a member of the Understanding Charities Group.

27 January 2017
The challenge a media team will face is convincing an editor or journalist to take their ideas. So how can you make sure they love what you offer them? 11 tips to consider when you’re crafting your pitch.  1. Come up with suitable ideas that are targeted carefully at their niche. Is your story what their reader/viewer […]
1 November 2016
Dyslexia Awareness Week sees many of the dyslexia organisations in the UK, and also some internationally, working together in the same time period to raise awareness of what dyslexia is and how it affects people. Nicola Amoroso, marketing and communications manager at Dyslexia Action, explains how it works. Awareness events can be important instigators of […]
4 October 2016
News outlets prize good opinion pieces. They help create a specific tone and atmosphere for the publication or website, which in turn contributes to reader loyalty. From the likes of Katie Hopkins and Rod Liddle, both well known for their outspoken commentary on current affairs, to political journalists giving their views on the latest developments from Westminster, to industry leaders […]
15 July 2016
Many people think that journalists are only interested in negative or sensationalist stories. This is not the case. Journalists are only interested in good stories.  Good stories are those that interest, surprise or shock people. And for stories to be accessible people have to be involved – what’s commonly known as ‘human interest’. People like […]
24 May 2016
A journalist’s contacts book is their most prized possession. It is these contacts that provide them with the heads-up on a potential story, background information and opinion. Therefore, finding your way into this contacts book and becoming a go-to person should be a key goal.  The more trusted and reliable you are as a source of […]
22 April 2016
When time, money and resources are tight, it’s important you understand what you want to achieve with your PR activities and why. Being strategic is vital as this will enable you to present a consistent message that is heard by the right people at the right time. We have a more recent article looking at […]
22 March 2016
A week doesn’t seem to go by without the charity sector hitting the headlines for one reason or another. From fundraising techniques to salaries, many questions have been raised about the way in which charitable organisations operate, resulting in a seemingly unprecedented amount of negative media coverage. While some claim that the media is specifically […]