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Branislava Milosevic

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Brani Milosevic is the founder and director of Digital Leadership Ltd, digital strategist, mentor and trainer for non-profits. She’s forged her digital leadership experience over more than 15 years in some of the biggest UK charities.

6 October 2017
One of the biggest changes digital culture has brought to communications is the move from broadcast (pushing messages out into the market) towards engagement (encouraging a two-way exchange with audiences over time). However, even if you’re ready to have a two-way exchange with your supporters, in the current noisy digital market you might not even […]
1 April 2016
Over the years leading digital in organisations and working as a digital consultant, there's one important thing I’ve learned: however big or small, organisations need digital leads to guide them through the process of digital implementation and transformation. It’s the best way to ensure digital delivers on the mission of the organisation and prepares the […]