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Charlie Peverett

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Charlie leads on brands and campaigns at Neo. He is interested in how to bring clear insights, creativity and authentic ways of working together in service of the messages that really matter. 

9 February 2016
Delivering something creative and interesting which works internationally can be challenging. It’s not easy to find a campaign concept that works across 90 countries and translates into five languages. World MS Day has been running annually since 2009 and is an important way to bring together people around the world and raise awareness of issues […]
27 August 2013
We all know what a blog is, or do we? Definition one Contraction of ‘web log’ – a way to publish content easily to the web. Definition two A revolutionary democratisation of the process of publishing, with the potential for anyone to reach a global audience. Definition three A medium popular with “socially inadequate, pimpled, […]