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Claudine Harris

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Claudine is currently working in the digital team at Arthritis Research UK ensuring that their digital products, tools and information services are simple and place the users at the heart of all they do. Passionate about content and storytelling, both on and offline, Claudine founded Stories for Good which specialises in storytelling and ensuring that those lending their stories to charities are given a voice and remain the keepers of their own story. Stories for Good helps charities access and tell these stories in an authentic way which builds connection and inspires action.

2 February 2018
There are many charities doing great, inspiring and forward-thinking work around content, stories and storytelling strategies. However, with great storytelling comes a great responsibility. Behind every story is a person. A person with real fears, real hopes, real vulnerabilities and real futures. As charity professionals we need to ensure we tell stories honestly, openly and […]