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Ellie Ereira

Author profile

Ellie is co-lead of Pivotal Act, an initiative at Pivotal dedicated to collaborating with impact organisations to create technology that address social, humanitarian and environmental issues. She has tackled this challenge in the past from many different sectors, including at the World Bank, UK-based start-up OpenSignal, the US Department of Energy, and in academia. She has worked on projects such as setting up incubators in the Caribbean for clean tech entrepreneurs, and distributing mobile apps to map cell signals in West Africa during the Ebola outbreak in 2014. She set up Pivotal Act while working as a product manager at Pivotal Labs.

Ellie has a masters in technology and policy from MIT and studied physics for her undergraduate degree at Oxford University. 

18 January 2019
We need to take the time to understand and build empathy for the people we’re designing for. Otherwise, we risk doing more harm than good...