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Emma Harrison

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Emma Harrison is the Chief Executive of IMIX, a not-for-profit communications agency which wants to shift public attitudes on migration to create an open and welcoming Britain for people who make the UK their home. IMIX takes a collaborative and collective approach to its work by supporting, coaching and mentoring people in the refugee and migration space to generate higher quality communications and campaigns to attract more digital and media coverage.

Emma is passionate about the role of strategic communications in changing attitudes; engaging the public with campaigns and building movements for change. Emma has held senior roles in charities across a range of issues including at VSO, MENCAP and RNID as well as working within the consumer movement. As well as a strong background in multi-channel communications, Emma has significant experience of policy development and advocating for change which started during her time working at the European Parliament. Emma is also the Chair of Sound Delivery Media, a charity focused on empowering people with lived experience of various issues to build confidence and tell their stories through the media, and Asylum Matters which campaigns for a better support system for refugees through working in partnership in communities across the England and Wales.

Brown Wooden Framed Glass Window with a meadow in the background. Image by Ron Lach on Pexels.
15 October 2021
As communicators we know how vital it is to find ways to engage the public on difficult issues. Using messaging and framing that has been informed by audience research can help engage the public more positively…
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