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Emmie Spencer

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Brands can shift products or they can shift thinking and behaviours. It’s the latter that most interests Emmie and inspired her move from working in commercial advertising to working at Brighton-based brand communications agency Neo. Making the complex simple is her skill and her obsession, whether that’s uncovering a brand’s purpose or crafting a piece of copy. Emmie is the strategic and creative lead on many projects at Neo and provides creative support across all its work.

20 March 2015
Are you experiencing an organisational impasse around your brand or communications? Remember, behind every brilliant organisation is often one person who championed the need for change. You could be that person! Here are some ways to kick-start the process of change: Align your case with the organisational strategy Change for change’s sake appeals to no […]
18 January 2012
Words matter, especially when we’re trying to change people’s hearts and minds. No one remembers what colour tie Martin Luther King was wearing when he told us he had a dream. Similarly, three years after Obama blazed his way into the White House, it's the rallying and much imitated cry of “Yes. We. Can” that […]