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Griff Griffiths

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Griff is a qualified coach and director of Cocomotion, with an affinity for blank-page, blue-sky, green-field projects, and finding structure and order in chaotic situations.

24 March 2017
If your job were an iceberg, then its content (the tasks you're striving to complete) would be just the one-tenth of the berg that shows above the water. What about the nine-tenths below? We focus a lot of our attention on the visible part of the ice. Sure, we go down to the waterline sometimes […]
4 December 2012
The first big change in my working life – after the shock of actually having to work for a living – was the jump from managing only myself to managing other people. One day I was paid just for doing my job well, the next it was the output of my team that counted. The […]