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Joe Barrell

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Joe Barrell founded Eden Stanley in 2011 and is the company’s principal consultant. He’s an experienced insight-driven strategist, who has led numerous transformative projects for such organisations as Amnesty International, Macmillan, Plan International, Drinkaware, The World Wide Web Foundation, The Children’s Society and UNESCO. He also designed and developed Eden Stanley’s data services, used by numerous UK non-profits to build audience segmentations and track their brands and issues with audiences most relevant to them.

Joe is author of two books, Make it Matter (2014) and Who Cares? (2020), both widely used by non-profits to develop external engagement strategies. In his previous life he served as director of communications at Save the Children from 2005-2010, and as head of communications at Shelter before that. A lifelong campaigner for social justice, Joe began his journey as a cameraman for Greenpeace in the 90’s, and has served on the boards of several UK charities, including as vice chair of the disability charity, Scope.

Brown Wooden Framed Glass Window with a meadow in the background. Image by Ron Lach on Pexels.
15 October 2021
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15 June 2018
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