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Joe Saxton

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Joe Saxton is driver of ideas at nfpSynergy, and is the founder and Chair of CharityComms. Joe works on a range of specific projects particularly those looking at impact, communications or trusteeship. He also works on the overall direction and development of nfpSynergy.

10 May 2012
One of the most important messages that any charity (indeed any organisation) needs to learn is that everything they say and do communicates. An organisation may spend ages planning media messages, but unanswered phones and emails, or incorrect contact addresses, say as much as any press release. But just because everything communicates it doesn’t mean […]
13 April 2012
It is seven years since a small group of charity communicators sat in a cafe one July evening to talk about setting up a new organisation. We asked the people round the table – many of whom are still involved in CharityComms today – two questions. The first was whether we needed a new body […]
24 November 2011
nfpSynergy's Joe Saxton talks about how charity communicators need to work from the basis that we're all prejudiced It’s easy to dismiss other people’s racism, sexism and other prejudices. It’s easy to sit in the charity sector and be amazed at other people’s crude and stereotyped attitudes. It’s easy to feel that somehow it is […]
23 September 2011
Knowing what you won't do will make your strategic plan stronger, says nfpSynergy's driver of ideas Joe Saxton  Most comms teams (or comms people, if there is just one of you) will have a plan for what they want to do. The issues they want to focus on. Their priorities for the coming year and […]
11 May 2011
We need to rethink our key messages and our communications with government, says nfpSynergy's driver of ideas Joe Saxton So here we are after one year of a coalition government. There's a lot of talk and analysis of how well they have done. What about the charity sector? That’s a hard question to answer. Two big […]
18 February 2011
The charity sector is ignored by the mainstream media, says nfpSynergy driver of ideas Joe Saxton  The recent focus by David Cameron on the Big Society has done many things; for me, one thing it has re-emphasised is that we are an invisible sector. Charities have virtually no systematic coverage in the mainstream media. While […]
11 November 2010
Charity communicators need to make sure that the sector’s passive-aggressive tendencies don't affect their work, says nfpSynergy's driver of ideas Joe Saxton I recently listened to a client tell me about how their efforts at rebranding had been effectively thwarted by their organisation. The trouble was not that the CEO or the directors or the trustees […]
27 August 2010
Joe Saxton, driver of ideas at nfpSynergy, offers some tips for smaller charities to punch above their weight How do small charities stay competitive in a big charity world? Quite frankly I wish I knew the answer to this question. With the vast majority of charities being on the small side, it’s an important one. […]
2 June 2010
It's a matter of returning to basics if you want to work closely with another charity, says nfpSynergy's driver of ideas Joe Saxton  So, we are now governed by a coalition and what new stresses and strains this brings. Individuals, parties, policies and politicians are all challenged by the new arrangements. It’s much easier to […]
19 February 2010
There's one job title that Joe Saxton, driver of ideas at nfpSynergy, thinks we need to rethink  There are some job titles in the charity sector that make my heart sink. Procurement officer is one of them – but purely because it means we can guarantee a torturous limbo-dancing set of tender obstacles. But the […]