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John Simcock

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John is business development director – charities and third sector at Eduserv, a not-for-profit provider of IT services. He helps some of the leading UK charities in planning and executing digital and IT initiatives.

18 November 2016
I’m not a head of digital within a charity, so I don’t want to be too flippant about this. But asking whether anyone should care if you have a digital strategy or not is a good question.  Does your CEO? Well, I guess they may think that a digital strategy is what they’re paying you […]
28 April 2015
What’s the good news from our recent research into how charities are shaping up for their digital future? They’re upping their ambitions around digital transformation and are prioritising digital delivery of services. The bad news? They’re failing to do the things they need to do in order to succeed. This is what we’ve found in […]
7 October 2014
Two weeks on from the launch of the iPhone 6, Apple-mania, endless queuing and bending phones are still dominating the media. The extent of publicity around the launch of a new version of a product which is seven years old can be hard to believe, but this media frenzy gives you some measure of how […]
25 July 2014
UK charities are failing to maximise fundraising opportunities by not adapting quickly enough to the growing use of mobile and tablet devices. This is the main finding of our audit of charity websites Optimising Charity Websites for Donations which looked in depth at the ‘donation-friendliness’ of the top 50 UK charity websites. We looked at […]
14 March 2014
The ability of digital and IT specialists to work together in the future is critical for every charity that wants to embrace the potential benefits digital has to offer. The trouble is, according to research contained in our new reportĀ Delivering Digital Transformation, only a minority of charities have thought about how this relationship should work […]