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Jonathan Purchase

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22 May 2012
An approach you might like to try is to link campaign actions directly through to donation pages, rather than keeping them separate – or at least offer a link to donate on the campaign thank you page. Directly integrating campaigns with donation pages can have a positive impact in many ways: The campaign’s brand can […]
10 February 2012
Take your supporters on a journey of engagement, says Jonathan Purchase How many of you use engagement ladders? Grouping supporters into different segments based on their activity and relationship with your organisation is paramount to success. If you don’t know what your supporters have been doing, you can’t tailor your messaging accordingly and you risk […]
9 September 2011
Automated emails to supporters can support your strategic objectives. Engaging Network's Jonathan Purchase explains how  Sending broadcast emails to your supporters is something that you all do, and many will segment your mailings. Some will run split tests to a small section of a mailing list, sending the better performing templates to the remainder. But […]
1 July 2011
Jonathan Purchase offers his top tips for creating campaign actions supporters want to fill out From my experience, organisations spend a comparatively small amount of time focusing on the layout of their campaign actions – most of the effort goes into the content. Obviously the message that’s delivered to the campaign target is vital, but […]
28 January 2011
Encourage your campaigners to meet their MPs in person, as well as emailing them, says Engaging Network's Jonathan Purchase Many of you reading this will work for organisations that have published online actions targeting political databases.  So your supporters get to email, say, their MP asking them to act on behalf of your campaign. But […]
19 October 2010
Engaging Network's Jonathan Puchase talks about how to grow your supporter and donor lists  At our recent AO Community Conference, we provided delegates with the option of picking from five tracks throughout the day. The most attended track was “outreach and marketing”. Not surprising. As we are driven more and more by results, everyone wanted […]
19 March 2010
Online asks are getting more sophisticated, says Jonathan Purchase, from Engaging Networks As the internet gets more and more crowded by online "asks", organisations are starting to become aware that they need to do more to engage supporters visually. Initially, this might have been through inserting a video into a page, or just creating a […]