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Kay Parris

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Kay Parris is a freelance writer, journalist and editor working in the not-for-profit sector.

10 October 2017
Most charities try to live out ethical values, not only by delivering their mission, but also in the way they operate – their equal opportunities policies, ethical investments, transparency and more. However, one area not always covered is the treatment of casual staff – primarily agency, zero hours and freelance staff – who might be […]
19 April 2017
We’ve updated our Best Practice Guide on annual publications, A Year in the Life.  Our 2013 edition of the guide showcased the best the third sector had to offer in terms of annual reviews, annual reports, impact reports and more, plus tips and advice on how to make the most out of your annual publication.  […]
6 January 2017
Communications can help trustees deliver on virtually every organisational aim and governance duty laid out by the Charity Commission. However, these things can only happen when the communications function enjoys recognition, understanding and influence at the top of the organisation. If your trustees are yet to be persuaded of the critical, strategic role of comms […]
25 November 2016
You are a comms officer, hard at work on a brochure when a director from a different department appears at your shoulder. Glancing at your screen, they suggest you try a different background colour – then wait for you to do it.  Or they ask if you could spare five minutes to check their project […]
8 November 2016
If communicators want to improve the influence of comms at the top of the charity, we need to understand where our trustees are coming from and prepare to help tackle their concerns. It’s time we got to know our trustees. Help them understand the role and value of comms For Trustees Week 2016, we’ve produced […]
11 October 2016
Communications doesn’t always receive the attention it deserves from trustee boards. Many comms professionals, even at senior level, struggle to gain access to trustee meetings. And when they do, they may find themselves side-lined or relegated to the last item on the agenda. On the other hand, it seems comms people sometimes decline invitations to […]
7 August 2015
Being a homeworker provides flexibility and independence to a wide range of people. However, when large numbers of staff and volunteers operate outside of a charity’s main organisational base, it can be difficult to avoid an atmosphere of dislocation, both from the centre of the organisation and from colleagues at all levels. Homeworkers can easily […]
8 June 2015
The recent sad death of Olive Cooke has resulted in a flurry of negative press articles around fundraising methods, charities’ use of data and CEO pay. Crises come in all shapes and sizes, usually out of nowhere: handling media enquiries quickly and professionally when a crisis hits your organisation is a major element of your […]
25 March 2015
Volunteering is in the DNA of the charitable sector, many charities were founded and built up by volunteers. Yet lack of access and exposure to volunteers can leave head office staff disconnected from the vital services volunteers carry out. Volunteers remain a major and indispensable workforce for pretty much all charities; in many, they constitute […]
23 January 2015
When a new decision affects the work of your staff or volunteers and, especially, when a change is likely to impact their jobs, it’s critically important that the change is communicated well. The priorities will be to ensure – according to the circumstances – awareness, understanding, acceptance or engagement with the change. If your organisation […]
5 January 2015
Hard-pressed charity staff and volunteers don’t always see formal communications as a priority. Yet a well-executed internal communications strategy could be a vital factor in engaging and resourcing a workforce to give its best. People often fear that saying yes to an internal comms (IC) request will be the thin end of the wedge, launching […]
11 December 2014
As an internal communications professional, you’ll often find yourself in situations where you need the backing of senior management. You might be working for greater transparency, urging speedier reporting of bad news, or explaining the need for better communications by different layers of management around the organisation. Perhaps you’re working in a communications role without […]
1 December 2014
Communicators working at charities spread across multiple sites will be all too familiar with the sense of ‘them and us’ that can divide central office from branches, groups or regions. “HQ never engages with local issues!” is a common cry, along with “We never see anyone from head office!” And most will recognise that sinking […]
9 July 2014
Most charities buy in outside help at some time or another. It could amount to anything from a huge contract with a major digital or PR agency to an informal arrangement with a couple of freelance designers. The common factor is a supplier offering something an organisation can’t find in-house. Or, to put it another […]