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Kevin Baughen

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Trustee, Director, volunteer and champion of marketing and communication ideas for not-for-profits and ethical business.

27 April 2012
Like many folks I subscribe to a handful of campaign newsletters. They keep me informed and usually encourage some form of campaigning action, ranging from signing an e-petition to marching. This seems sensible given how easy it is for slacktivists like me to support campaigns using social media, e-petitions etc. But because it’s also easier […]
13 February 2012
Kevin Baughan talks about how to make your comms stand out by trying retro Retro marketing – or repackaging stuff that’s been around before – is a well-used marketing and communications technique. And because it’s well-used, it is getting tougher to recall many campaigns or products; commonplace things don’t stand out. When VW created the new […]
7 October 2011
Bottom Line Ideas founder Kevin Baughen talks about how to make campaigns tangible  Lots of charity communications use tangible items – like gifts, examples of work produced, free pens, DVDs – to help bolster their messages. I’ve seen press packs containing USB drives of project photos and direct mail packs with free drinks coasters, among other things. […]
3 June 2011
Bottom Line Ideas founder Kevin Baughen urges charity communicators to be more positive Over the last 12 months, I’ve worked with a handful of major charities, several social enterprises, dozens of small charities and literally hundreds of community groups. And if one thing winds me up more than anything else, it’s the non-profit sector’s tendency […]
11 March 2011
Bottom Line Ideas founder Kevin Baughen thinks that we should get volunteers more involved with our charity communications  The overwhelming majority of charities enjoy the support of volunteers of some description. But I don’t come across many who use their volunteer workforce explicitly and overtly to help meet their communications objectives. Yes, it’s implied in […]
13 August 2010
Kevin Baughen, founder of Bottom Line Ideas, thinks we must be careful not to take research out of context  I read a blog post this week that made me think about how we use research to inform communications activity. The post was written by a well-respected fundraising specialist, Jeff Brooks, and was entitled ‘Qualitative research […]