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Kirsty Kitchen

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18 May 2012
Pressures on funding and donations, public confusion and the competitive environment around public service tendering are all driving an increasing number of charities to consider merging. Two questionnaires issued in February by the Office for Civil Society, as part of Lord Hodgson’s review of the Charities Act, ask whether there are too many charities. And […]
5 August 2011
Charity anniversaries offer a great opportunity to tell supporters about what you've done and what you're going to do. Amazon PR's Kirsty Kitchen shares her views They roll around every year, but of course we only mark the big ones. Charity anniversaries are frequently seized upon by trustees, senior management and comms teams as major […]
4 March 2011
Amazon PR's Kirsty Kitchen talks about how PR can help your charity increase donations  Now, more than ever, charity communications in all its guises is under pressure to deliver, and the best way to do that is to make sure all communicators are pulling in the same direction. But it’s widely recognised that PR and […]
11 January 2011
Kirsty Kitchen wonders if it’s time we started to reclassify target audiences Tessa Jowell raised an interesting point in an opinion column in last week’s Independent Viewspaper.  Amidst her defence of the Labour party she made reference to the fact that the traditional people classifications – A, B, C1, C2, D and E – are increasingly […]
1 October 2010
There’s more to good communications than mainstream media relations, says Amazon PR's Kirsty Kitchen  When we start working with a new organisation, or we’re discussing a new project, we always kick off by asking one question: “what will success look like?”.  This provides an opportunity to hear what people are looking for, to see if […]
25 June 2010
Amazon PR's Kirsty Kitchen wonders if we're relying on celebrities too much  We all know the value that a famous face can add in terms of grabbing attention, but we also know the potential pitfalls.  Corporates are perhaps more accustomed, in some ways, to working with the ups and downs of celebrity culture than charities. […]
26 February 2010
A simple communications strategy can keep you, and your colleagues, stay on course to achieving your aims, says Amazon PR's Kirsty Kitchen You’ve worked for months to create a strong, comprehensive communications strategy and everyone’s signed it off. You’re sitting back, looking at the front page, feeling rather self-satisfied. Then you get an email from […]