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Louise Kyme

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Louise was previously head of brand and creative at British Heart Foundation, working across all stages of their brand transformation from strategy to design and activation.  

30 October 2017
There seems to be an increasing amount of sector-specific tools for brand evaluation on the market, and we diligently spend time and money on monitoring, or feeling anxious that we’re not. And of course, we should be. As we know, a high performing brand is paramount to the success of any charity. But after more […]
18 August 2011
This year, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has thought small: its 2011 annual review, With You All The Way, measures just 10 x 6 cm (or, the size of a travel wallet). We speak to Louise Kyme, the BHF’s design manager, about the review What is the relationship between this document and the annual report […]