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Lucy McLaren

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Lucy is the strategy director at Spencer du Bois, creating breakthrough brands by uncovering fresh insight and articulating what makes a brand unique. Lucy’s previous experience includes developing brands for Unilever and Hammerson, before moving to the charity world and leading marketing for welfare charities to drive income growth.

4 May 2021
The mega wealthy are a potential route for a much-needed fundraising boost in a major donor market. But how do we talk to them? And what is it they want to know?...
24 April 2020
The fact the public no longer gives the charity sector the benefit of the doubt, indicates there’s a real need to learn, adapt and evolve in order to keep working towards leaving the world in a better place than we found it...
28 May 2019
The Brand Effectiveness Score Card launched to offer charity sector communications professionals the opportunity to evaluate and benchmark their brand’s effectiveness...