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Matt Chittock

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Matt Chittock is an experienced copywriter, journalist and proofreader working in the not-for-profit sector. 


Working from home tips
17 March 2020
Need to get your head around remote working? Luckily there are lots of online tools that can help. Many of them are free and most are easy to use...
3 May 2019
Like many copywriters, I love how the Government Digital Service (GDS) has quietly revolutionised digital. As comms pros will appreciate, inspiration came out of everyday frustration...
15 January 2019
They’re supposed to be a friendly bridge between your charity and your supporters. An opportunity to sum up the contents of a new strategy or annual report below a head and shoulders pic of your leader looking respectable in a suit...
4 January 2018
A hippo (highest paid person’s opinion) is a clumsy animal that comes in and wrecks your carefully laid plans. They demand final sign-off for all comms projects, constantly override other (often more knowledgeable) voices and even change the whole brief at the last minute. They might decide, a week before it’s due to go live, […]
1 December 2017
From the amount of money supporters raised last year to the number of lives you’re turning around, your charity is awash with amazing stats. So why not make the most of them? Here are five practical tips you can use right now to make your stats stand out.   1. Get real It’s hard to […]
6 June 2017
While these online tools might not automatically create your annual report (more’s the pity), they can help make your team more organised and effective writers. 1. Hemingway App Free at Say what you like about Ernest Hemingway, but he did have a way with a concise sentence. And while the free app that bears […]
31 March 2017
Case studies are wonderful. The right quotes from interviews with people your charity supports can bring your cause to life and showcase the stories behind endless stats. But capturing those stories through an interview can be tough. Especially if the person you’re interviewing has been through some major challenges in their life. For the person […]
21 October 2016
Proofreading isn’t just a set of editorial skills, it’s a state of mind. By learning to slip into the right mindset you can become a better proofreader – no yoga mat required. If you’ve ever tried to proof some copy after a long day of writing and emailing, you’ll know how tough it can be. […]