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Matt Haworth

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Reason Digital is a digital communications agency especially for not-for-profits.

9 October 2018
it’s common for charities to reach more people digitally than through traditional channels like face-to-face services, helplines or leaflet distribution. Yet a lot of charities still treat their website and digital statistics very separately to their impact statistics...
22 May 2012
How can you measure your online impact both on and off your website? Matt Haworth recommends some tools, tips and tricks Here are four questions measuring your digital communications can help you answer. Who are these people? Google Analytics can track lots of technical information about your visitors – what browser they used, or which […]
26 September 2011
Increasingly websites are not only being used for marketing services or campaigns, but actually delivering them too. That means if we don’t pay attention to our web analytics, we’re missing a huge chunk of our impact. I’m going to look at three little used features that make for great reporting with Google Analytics. Filters: Trusting […]
17 June 2011
You can’t, says Matt Haworth. Sorry about that. Plenty of people make lots of money telling charities that fooling Google is as simple as stuffing your pages with key words and buying some new web addresses. If that worked, then the results for any search would just be sales pitches. Follow these five steps to […]