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Max du Bois

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With over 25 years of not for profit, government, social enterprise, b2b and b2c experience, Max helps people find out what matters and communicate what really counts. Helping good people do great things, Max builds brands that challenge attitudes, change minds and inspire action.

20 May 2020
The ‘Brand 360’ guide is a resource dedicated to helping charity communicators with the vital work they are doing to ensure their organisations are being seen and heard.
7 February 2017
Arthritis doesn’t kill you, but for 10 million people in the UK it attacks what it means to live. Arthritis is isolating, painful and exhausting. But the huge impact of these conditions is hidden. People with arthritis are more likely to hide their arthritis, to keep it to themselves, than tell the people around them […]
18 August 2015
Despite having the greatest potential for customer engagement, the charity sector remains digitally stagnant. According to Martha Lane-Fox, chair of digital skills charity Go ON UK, while the UK may be a world leader in e-commerce, the transformative power of digital is not being fully exploited by charities – and the main barrier is about […]
8 May 2014
A grandee of the PR world once commented, “Do 10 things right and they don’t notice, do one thing wrong and they certainly do. It’s our job to get the 10 things noticed to bury that one.” Why is it that some organisations seem to have shiny, ‘Teflon’ reputations that carry their name into people’s […]
Max du Bois