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Natasha Roe

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Natasha has worked with charities of all sizes, including small charities and start-ups, on building cost-effective brands without big budgets. She’s currently underpinning her 20 years’ practical experience by completing a Charity Effectiveness MSc at Cass Business School.

24 July 2015
Brand is important for all organisations, but small charities face a number of common brand barriers related to their size. Last month I ran a workshop at CharityComms' Building a brand that delivers conference. My session was based on the Small Charity Brand Survey research I’d carried out with Cass Business School. My research had […]
24 July 2013
Good brand management not only helps your charity stand out from the crowd, but also delivers benefits such as more supporters, an increase in income and stronger partnerships. All of which are critical in tough times. Academic research has drawn conclusions about what good brand management means, including a very noticeable consensus that brands need […]