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Navprit Rai

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Navprit Rai is the communications manager at Trust for London. A former policy and communications adviser to the Liberal Democrats, Navprit has also worked for the Home Office and as a communications consultant. 

5 December 2017
Polling and focus groups are an important part of a comms professional’s toolkit. At the best of times, they can provide insight, help your messages land and generate excellent media coverage. They have helped me secure front-page coverage and helped push the issues I’m working on to the position of lead national news stories on […]
22 November 2016
Here’s a simple but effective way to increase your media reach. Instead of competing with organisations or charities who have the same objectives as you, make them your allies. Then, proactively provide them with opportunities to get something out of your media campaign.  At Trust for London, we used this method to launch our flagship […]
2 June 2016
You’ve got a strong story. It shows the extent and depth of the issues your charity is tackling. You’ve got stats and a spokesperson. Tick, tick, tick. You call the BBC planning desk and they want you to send over your press release. You get a call back from BBC Breakfast, they’re interested! Then the […]