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Rob Dyson

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In his day job, Rob leads on all public relations for young people’s charity Whizz-Kidz, including corporate fundraising partnerships, youth campaigning, NHS partnerships and parliamentary work and most notably social media: building conversational, community engagement in Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Flickr. Rob blogs on third sector issues, Big Society, and digital comms and founded the Third Sector PR & Communications Network on Facebook.

11 May 2012
Gamification. Perhaps the most pretentious and unlikely sounding term since social media (so by that rationale it will be ubiquitous in our vocabulary by 2013). But conceptually, I really like it. And it’s nothing new; businesses, strategists, armies, and yes charities, have been employing elements of gameplay, incentivisation, reward and motivation for decades. It works […]
30 September 2011
It's party conference season, and we're always looking for new ways for our young people to engage with MPs and decision makers. This year we downloaded Audioboo's free app onto a smartphone for 17 year old ambassador Jamie, to capture some great audio / podcast material at the Labour conference. Audioboo is a web and […]
2 August 2011
As a lone PR person in a small to medium-sized charity, I can't emphasise enough the importance of integration and amplification. By integration I mean harnessing as many online, and smartphone accessible, platforms as creatively as possible – but not forgetting to join it up with traditional press. Most newspapers – local and national – […]
21 January 2011
As I hauled my grumbling body into work on Monday 17 Jan, after the morning's media soberly informed me it was considered "the most depressing day of the year", I was struck by an unusual set of adverts on the tube that seemed precisely timed to lift my heavy spirits. Upbeat messaging? Check. Colourful and […]
10 January 2011
Rob Dyson, PR manager at Whizz-Kidz, demystifies PR Good PR, bad PR, "we need PR"… Public relations has become shorthand for a mystical wand that turns the mundane into media success; but the fundamentals are really just about telling a story, and being human. So do you need to be in communications to be enacting […]
5 March 2010
It’s not rare in charity communications, particularly during human disasters where suffering and death is a reality, to be treading a fine line between expressing a vital need for awareness (and hard cash) and maintaining the dignity and pride of the people we support. Some will tell you: get real – the public needs to […]
6 July 2009
I happen to be sitting at a desk writing this blog, but I could just as easily be sitting anywhere (within reason) with a sufficient internet connection and keyboard. So what’s new about that, I hear you say. Well, for one thing, I’m not using any bought-for software (eg Microsoft Word), and I’m not having […]