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Robyn Lewes

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Robyn joined The Health Foundation in 2019 after spending three years at CharityComms. Before Robyn came on board with CharityComms, she studied an MA in gender studies at SOAS. Outside of working hours, Robyn volunteers with the Schools Consent Project, working on its social media channels.

6 August 2018
Increasingly, people see the benefit of maximising existing content, repurposing it across multiple formats and how proper content maintenance can improve ROI. It’s no wonder charities, full of fantastic content, want to ensure their content is delivered in a timely way...
12 April 2018
We speak to inspiring communicators regularly. In fact, CharityComms hosts over 60 events a year, where we invite a diverse group of people to share insights, campaign successes and battle stories with our network. We know our members love our events, because you consistently rate them so highly. But we wondered, could we do more […]