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Sarah Browning

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Sarah is an independent communications specialist, with 16+ years experience working with charities, higher education and other not-for-profit organisations. She works with clients to find ways to solve problems and achieve their organisational goals by communicating more effectively. You can read more of her advice on improving communication at

6 February 2018
When Judith Davey took up the role of chief executive of The Advocacy Project, the main challenge was to find and develop sustainable funding sources. To achieve that, she knew she needed to enable a culture where every member of staff could tell the story of the amazing work the organisation does. Judith explains,   People […]
14 February 2017
The way people communicate with each other today is very different from years gone by. Rapidly evolving technology and expectations of what we communicate, when and how, mean the role of internal communicators is also evolving. What will be different about internal communication in charities in the future?  Our first Internal Communications Group meetup of the […]
27 March 2014
When ActionAid developed its new organisational strategy in 2011, the charity took the opportunity to re-model and re-vitalise its internal communications. I provided training and worked on key strategic messages with them and recently caught up with Judith Davey, director of people, performance and accountability to hear about the difference it has made. What does […]
15 March 2013
When planning an internal communications campaign for your charity there’s a temptation to think staff are just staff. The reality isn’t that simple. Communicatiing effectively is all about knowing your audience. You need to know what they like and don’t like, what they already know about your project and what their current attitudes are towards […]
Sarah Browning