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Sarah Myers

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Sarah Myers is a copywriter, editorial consultant and creative manager, with more than 20 years’ experience in the not-for-profit sector. She has worked in-house for Mencap and Macmillan Cancer Support, and at a charity copywriting agency. Now freelance, her clients include an extensive range of charities, professional bodies and specialist agencies. Her guide to Storytelling for Impact was published by the Directory of Social Change in 2022.

globe and world map
11 March 2022
Personal stories are one of the most effective ways to convey your charity’s impact and mission. But you’ll need to find people willing to share theirs with you. Here are some ideas for where to find them…
11 June 2021
When you’re caught in that perfect storm, making sure funding bids are successful is more important – and pressured – than ever. Every application needs to grab attention...
3 April 2020
The way we work is changing for a while. Why not arm yourself with some new digital skills? You’ll be prepared to help out colleagues or take on new comms tasks...
Tools for getting creative
25 February 2020
When it comes to creative ideas, everyone is different. While most of us would agree you can’t learn creativity from a book, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure your most inventive ideas see the light of day...
1 March 2018
Volunteers will talk to their friends, families and colleagues about your organisation. Many will mention you on social media. Treat them badly, or appear disorganised or ungrateful, and you risk losing a committed supporter and damaging your brand...
9 February 2018
Are you working with a celebrity to raise your profile? Boosting your fundraising by getting a big corporate on board?Maybe you’re joining forces with other charities to campaign for policy change? Whatever kind of partnership you’re involved in, the CharityComms seminar on partnerships had an inspiring case study or practical tip to help. Here are […]
13 November 2017
What’s it like managing comms for a global event that brings together over 500 people from 52 countries – and doing it solo? I spoke to Mariana Mercado about the highs, the goals and tackling challenges of heading a team of volunteers at the Homeless World Cup, an annual international football tournament for people who are […]
17 October 2017
Giving good feedback can save you time, stress and late nights fixing mistakes that needn’t have happened. Fewer rounds of changes will keep your costs down too. But how do you make sure your feedback is well received and inspires the results you’re looking for? When giving feedback, here are four things you should be: […]
19 September 2017
Commercial brands have been doing it for years. Even lawyers are committing to it these days. But what are the key things charity communicators need to remember when writing in plain English? Think hard about your audience Who are you talking to? What do they already know about this topic? What do you want them […]
1 July 2015
More and more charities are looking to integrate their communications activity across all aspects of their organisation. But how can you measure whether your integrated comms have hit the spot? Planning how you’re going to evaluate your communications is a key part of any integration process. Agreeing measurement parameters across all parties is vital and […]
3 March 2015
You’ve decided integration is an effective way of working that will improve your processes and get results. Here are four steps to help convince your colleagues and persuade your management team. Step 1: Gather evidence Organisations don’t try to change unless there’s a strategic issue that needs addressing. You’ll need to clearly illustrate your problem […]
22 April 2014
Good copywriters spend a lot of time talking. Sharing thoughts and ideas, making bad grammar jokes and, most importantly, asking their clients lots of challenging questions. So if you brief a writer and are met with silence, beware. It’s the copywriter’s responsibility to make sure they fully understand the intricacies of your project and the […]