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Serena Donne

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Serena has worked with some of the top brands, marketeers and agencies for the last 20 years. She specialises in brand strategy, development, management and measurement for complex organisations and charities. She is also a founder of CharityComms' successful Brand Breakfasts.

6 November 2014
In Branding Inside Out Max du Bois suggested you’ll know when it’s time to refresh your charity’s brand “when you’re achieving your goals in spite of your brand and not because of it. Or when you’re spending time, effort and money overcoming its shortcomings rather than reaping the benefits of your brand’s strengths.” Early signs […]
31 January 2014
Whatever your charity’s size or market position, there are aspects of challenger brands that can apply to all of us. But what is a challenger brand? Our two speakers, Kris Hallenga, founder of Coppafeel, and Brett Donohay from eatbigfish, talked us through it. Wedging ourselves into young people’s lives Kris told her personal story of […]
5 December 2013
Undertaking a brand refresh can be a daunting prospect for any organisation, let alone one with thousands of employees and tens of thousands of volunteers. That’s the task Cancer Research UK faced. One year on, what has the refresh meant internally for the charity? I spoke to Rhiannon Lowe, senior brand manager. How did CRUK […]
21 June 2013
Can you move up the ‘most loved brands’ listings when promoting a cause some might find unpalatable? This month’s sell out Brand Breakfast delved into the hard business of developing and managing a brand when the odds seem stacked against you. Andrea Barrett of British Gas spoke about managing its profile against a background of […]
19 January 2013
Serena Donne, one of the founders of Brand Breakfasts, shares her thoughts on our January event. Engagement is the most important measure of brand strength. Macmillan Cancer Support and are two organisations with fascinating insights on how to use the web to engage their supporters, and the additional strength this interaction gives their brands. […]