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Soledad Muniz

Author profile

Soledad specialises in participatory communication with particular skill and experience in deploying participatory video in international development. She has over 10 years experience researching, planning and implementing numerous participatory video projects, with a strong understanding of the application and potential of the tool in a range of contexts.

Soledad has worked in projects in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia in a range of issues including environment, indigenous peoples, gender equality and youth. She has experience in capacity building, community development, research and monitoring & evaluation. She graduated with distinction from the University of Reading MSc in Communication for Innovation and Development.

8 June 2018
Soledad Muniz works with marginalised communities, using participatory video to amplify their voices and mobilise social change. Here she talks about about her previous life in comms, what led her to participatory video, and what she thinks the charity sector can borrow from participatory processes....