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Steve Palmer

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Steve’s current communications work concentrates on supporting SCIE to achieve its business goals. Since 2003 he has worked for charities dealing with substance misuse, mental health, learning disabilities, volunteering and wider social care. Steve was previously at the BBC and before that he had another career at Trailfinders Travel. He is also an advocate for rights for people with learning disabilities. Steve’s written a ‘warts and all’ book about his son entitled Down’s with the kids. Steve supports Stoke City and enjoys getting muddy at summer music festivals.

7 July 2017
At work, a colleague called Liz and I used to get together regularly and discuss our roles as trustees. Looking back, it was an important activity for both of us in our professional development. I discussed my role as a CharityComms trustee and I listened to what Liz did in her role with Vauxhall City […]
28 October 2016
Here’s a little secret. At one radio station where I worked in the 1990s, the fax machine was situated above the bin. Yes, faxes went straight into the rubbish. As busy producers, we were happy about this. If a comms person rang and sold in a good story, we’d retrieve the relevant press release, wipe […]
7 May 2015
‘Work shadowing’ can summon up images of handing down advice to a grateful recipient at the start of their career. It also sounds like a challenge – sitting at work with your hands tied, emails flying in, people asking you to do things, but you can’t respond. Isn’t it a total pain? Well no. In […]
9 March 2012
It's 2003. I've just started my first PR job and I ring up a comms professional at a charity and ask them how their latest campaign went; or indeed, what they had for breakfast. How intrusive would that be? But it's now 2012 and I'm armed with that sort of information about fellow professionals all […]