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Susheila Juggapah

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Sushi joined Scope in October 2018 to support retention of Scope’s monthly subscription product, Mindful Monsters, an exciting way for families to explore mindfulness. She previously worked at CharityComms and continues to host the CharityComms podcast with Robyn. Sushi has worked with various charities and non-profits for the past eight years, specialising in digital communications and supporter journeys.

6 August 2018
Increasingly, people see the benefit of maximising existing content, repurposing it across multiple formats and how proper content maintenance can improve ROI. It’s no wonder charities, full of fantastic content, want to ensure their content is delivered in a timely way...
12 April 2018
We speak to inspiring communicators regularly. In fact, CharityComms hosts over 60 events a year, where we invite a diverse group of people to share insights, campaign successes and battle stories with our network. We know our members love our events, because you consistently rate them so highly. But we wondered, could we do more […]
4 September 2017
Inspiring campaigns are designed, implemented, and championed by those who get behind the cause, see the value of communicating impact, and bring their teams along with them. Do you know an inspiring charity communicator who deserves recognition? Nominate them for our awards today. As we continue to consume cake to mark 10 years of CharityComms, […]
23 August 2017
I truly believe great comms comes down to one very important idea: getting to know your audience. Just like so many of our members, we know getting this right is essential to fulfilling our mission. Over the last year, we’ve been on a journey to get to know you better. Not just considering where you […]
19 May 2017
From Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg, to Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, it’s hard to find tech giants who aren’t interested in making 360 video easier to view, create and share. But why is there so much buzz for this not-so-new digital trend? Arguably, the barrier to entry is lower than it ever has been, being a […]
12 May 2017
Over the last 10 years, our events stage has hosted inspiring talks about apps designed to support sex workers, how to set up a podcast, storytelling 101 and much more for our members. On top of that, we’ve put together robust reports and guides, to help you develop that all important crisis comms strategy, benchmark […]
25 April 2017
At CharityComms, we like to think we’re one big family. We love our members, those who have supported us, contributed their time, money and energy and everyone who has been part of our community.  This April, CharityComms turned 10. Since 2007, we’ve been flying the flag for comms in the third sector growing from 0 members […]
24 January 2017
We're delighted to announce that we've appointed Adeela Warley as our new CEO with effect from 20 February 2017.  Adeela joins us from CharityComms organisational member and environment charity Friends of the Earth where most recently she was head of communications and supporter experience. Adeela takes over from Vicky who led CharityComms for the past six years and […]
27 September 2016
With the worldwide success of shows such as Serial, podcasts are seeing a resurgence. RAJAR found 3.7 million adults listen to them in its autumn 2015 research, with over 50% listening on a smartphone.  A podcast is a downloadable audio file, usually available as a series, which users can subscribe to for automatic updates. The […]
5 September 2016
For the last three years, we’ve celebrated the third sector’s most inspiring communicators, rewarding those special individuals who demonstrate professionalism, expertise and – above all – inspiration in their use of communications for a cause or charity with the CharityComms Inspiring Communicator Awards.  Inspiring communicators come in all shapes and sizes but here are five […]
2 August 2016
Summer is a great time to catch up on all the reading you’ve not had time for already. But put down that copy of the new Harry Potter book! We’ve got a list of comms-related reads you might want to check out instead.  Recommended by our comms-savvy community, these books will give you fresh ideas, inspiration […]
22 July 2016
WhatsApp, the instant messaging app, is becoming one of the most popular apps around the world – and it continues to grow. The channel’s popularity hasn’t gone unnoticed by charities: fundraisers raised £975,000 from WhatsApp sharing in 2015, according to JustGiving.  Boasting a membership base of one billion, the app is popular as a messaging […]
18 March 2016
Instagram’s rise seems unstoppable. Last year, the social network picked up 100 million new users.  The community now consists of more than 400 million users with 75% living outside of the US. Research from 2015 shows that 28% of online adults use Instagram, compared to 23% of online adults using Twitter.  More and more charities […]
19 January 2016
When you integrate your social media comms, you save time, deliver more relevant content and increase your reach and engagement.   It can be easy to get bogged down in day-to-day activity when you manage charity social media accounts, such as juggling requests from different teams, staying on top of digital trends or signposting supporters […]
17 December 2015
In 2015, there was a general election, a flyby of Pluto and the final Hunger Games film hit our screens.  A little closer to home, CharityComms ran 35 events, sent over 2,000 tweets and published 93 articles. But what were you reading on the Knowledge Hub? We’ve had a look at the most viewed articles […]
6 October 2015
Most charities are now aware that social media is a great way of increasing awareness about their cause and reaching potential supporters. But despite lots of people working in charities using social media for professional and personal reasons, many charities are reluctant to let their employees loose on social media in a work capacity. Conversely, […]