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Podcast: digital distraction and cutting through the hype

23 April 2019

Chatbots, apps, another microsite. It’s easy to get excited about shiny new digital products and get decision makers excited too. But what is it about the digital that actually makes a difference?

Think about the more traditional Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and email automation that will reach, convert and retain your audiences. Or the meticulously curated data tables that create a long-lasting legacy of information to be analysed and repurposed now and in the future.

Getting excited about “everyday digital” is hard, and getting buy-in from senior management can be a huge challenge. But this is the stuff that can make a real change for the people we serve and so often gives you a better bang for your buck when investing in digital. So how do you get that investment and the accompanying support to champion transformative digital activity in an organisation?

Digital distraction and cutting through the hype

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In this next episode of the CharityComms podcast, we’re joined by speakers from our 2018 digital conference. First up, Mind’s dynamic digital duo, Emma Dalby Bowler, digital content and marketing manager and Gareth John, digital development manager, explain why managing internal stakeholders is an essential part of your job as a digital professional.

We were also joined by charity digital godfather Matt Collins, director of Platypus Digital. We chatted about why he thinks charities are still fixated on social media and he shared his ambition for the future of digital in the charity sector.

If you’re interested in podcasting at your charity, check out this article on podcasting based on our experience. You can also get in touch with us personally, Robyn’s on Twitter @RobynLewes and Sushi is @sushi_juggapah.

At the end of the month, Robyn is leaving CharityComms so this is the last episode that will be hosted by both of us, but don’t worry new plans for the programme are in the pipeline so watch this space. In the meantime we would just like to say it’s been an amazing learning experience and we’d like to thank CharityComms for believing in us and giving us a chance to make something that’s been around for a while, fresh for our members.

We’ve had some amazing conversations with people, had a cry when things didn’t go to plan and been supported in countless ways by a generous network. To everyone who took part as a guest, helped us check the sound levels, or gave us space to record when the office had a blackout, we’d like to give you a massive virtual round of applause for being the best support network we could ever have wished for.

Listen to this episode on AudioBoom from your desktop or download from the podcast app on your iPhone. You can also find it on Spotify. You can also download a copy of the full transcription.

Banner Image: Anthony Roberts on Unsplash

Resources from this episode:

Transcript of the episode

Matt’s slides from the charity digital conference

Emma and Gareth’s slides from the charity digital conference

Susheila Juggapah

senior digital supporter retention officer, Scope

Sushi joined Scope in October 2018 to support retention of Scope's monthly subscription product, Mindful Monsters, an exciting way for families to explore mindfulness. She previously worked at CharityComms and continues to host the CharityComms podcast with Robyn. Sushi has worked with various charities and non-profits for the past eight years, specialising in digital communications and supporter journeys.

Robyn Lewes

communications assistant, The Health Foundation

Robyn joined The Health Foundation in 2019 after spending three years at CharityComms. Before Robyn came on board with CharityComms, she studied an MA in gender studies at SOAS. Outside of working hours, Robyn volunteers with the Schools Consent Project, working on its social media channels.