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Print v digital: Trends in charity magazines and newsletters

31 July 2013

It’s something charity communicators tend to become expert in. Justifying your budgets is part of the job – and rightly so when you’re spending donors’ money.

Aspects of charity communications appear to be challenged more than others by senior management though. Members have told CharityComms recently that spending on print magazines and newsletters have come under the spotlight.

Looking to the commercial sector, we can understand why. The publishing industry is in midst of transformation, with 10% of print magazines closing since August 2011. In recent years, the likes of More!, Maxim and Observer Woman have all closed.

However, latest figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC), which checks magazine data in the UK, show that there are still only 139 digital magazines, compared to the 2,639 print ones.

Your thoughts

But what’s happening with charity magazines and newsletters in the so called digital age? To find out, we teamed up with content and publishing agency Think and asked members and other communicators about the print and/or digital magazines and/or newsletters they produce for their charity.

Read the report for an overview of what is happening in and outside the sector around digital and print magazines and newsletters. We hope this will help charity communicators make informed decisions about any changes they are considering.

Trina Wallace

copywriter and editor, freelance

Trina Wallace is a copywriter, editor and communications consultant with around 14 years’ experience in the charity sector. She has worked with over 70 charities, including Cancer Research UK, Rethink Mental Illness, Alzheimer’s Society and Oxfam. Trina specialises in writing audience-focused communications that inspire people to take action.