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Resources for Small Charities

Small but mighty. Being small doesn’t mean you can’t achieve big things, but working with limited budgets and resources can present their own unique challenges, so here are some resources to help the small charities out there continue to do great things.

Resources, articles and guides

Communicating to create change: tackling the environmental crisis. Online conference 19 May.

Free conference places for small charities

19 May 2022
What is happening to the planet impacts all cause areas differently. No matter your charity’s purpose you can play a vital role in helping communicate the environmental crisis. Small charities go free – so join us online on 19 May for ‘Communicating to create change: tackling the environmental crisis’.

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Thinking about rebranding for good?

8 April 2022
For small charities, times of trouble are when knowing who you are, and being able to articulate that clearly to the world, matters most. How Hope and Homes for Children launched an updated strategy while at the same time launching their new brand.


How meaningful collaboration can transform a charity campaign

3 December 2021
When it comes to charity campaigns, impact is vital. Often it’s the noise and the reach that will make people pay attention to your crucial message. One way to achieve this is through collaboration.

Small Charities Conference

Small but mighty – charities we love

15 June 2021
Like many things in life charities come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s our differences that make us all wonderfully unique. In honour of #SmallCharityWeek the CharityComms team wanted to celebrate those who are small but mighty and give a shout out to some of the small charities we love.

Small Charities Conference

How small charities can benefit from using gaming fundraising like Twitch

21 April 2021
In the changing landscape of fundraising, digital has charged to the forefront and charities are looking at innovative platforms to reach new audiences, such as Twitch. Read how Become fast-tracked their plans to test gaming fundraising.

Small Charities Conference

Tips and resources for creating film remotely for less

29 September 2020
How to continue to tell stories with video during COVID-19. Useful tips, advice and suggestions of free tools to help you to continue to generate content in cost-effective ways.

digital strategy

How to write a digital strategy for smaller charities

21 June 2019
Top tips from Michael MacLennan, director Brunswick Group, for smaller charities developing a digital strategy, from starting with an audit to getting buy-in and making things achievable.

Small Charities Conference

Key takeaways from our 2019 Small Charities conference

12 July 2019
From knowing when to say no to leaning on your community, some key themes from the talks from the host of top speakers at our annual Small Charities conference.


Audience insight on a budget – what three charities have learnt

12 March 2019
Key takeaways from Sarah Fitzgerald on cost-effective approaches to generating audience insight –  from accepting and being clear about limitations to keeping barriers to participation low.


Podcast: Small charities – innovating on a shoestring

22 January 2019
Scott Roberts, former PR, comms and celeb manager at Haven House Children’s Hospice talks starting a podcast, while Bliss’ digital lead Sarah Rughoonundon and comms manager Gemma Collins-Ellis discuss award winning digital strategy.

digital strategy

Creative professional development on a shoestring

18 September 2018
What do you do if your charity has little to no budget for training or upskilling? From making the most of what you’ve got to a skills swap, Kirsty Marrins takes us through six ways you can take charge of your own professional development.

digital tips

How small charities can use their size to their advantage

25 September 2018
Unlike other channels, digital isn’t just about budget, it’s about the strength of your tactics and ideas. Tips on making your small size work for you online, from Facebook fundraisers to using your pay-per-click (PPC) grant from Google.

digital strategy

Filmkit for charities

This guide looks at the how and the why of filmmaking – as well as considering the broader issues of the stories we tell, who gets to tell them, how they get collected and shared and whether the ends justify the means.

digital tips

Wellbeing guide

This guide is for everyone – whether you’re a sole communicator or you work in a team of twenty. Every article is written to help anyone, at any stage of their career, and with every organisation in mind. 

Presentations from our Small Charities Conferences

Find out what others working for small charities have found useful and take a look at some of the presentations from our Small Charities Conferences.

Aligning organisational strategy and comms strategy Nicola Miller, founder, A Mile in Her Shoes

The strategic power of ‘no thanks’ Kimberly McIntosh, senior policy officer, Runnymede Trust

How we built a media presence from scratch without any budget Rachel Malic, Comms and marketing manager, National Numeracy

Writing a clear comms strategy Natasha Roe, founder, Red Pencil

Effective media relations for charities Becky Slack, founder and managing director, Slack Communications

Audience insight Sarah Fitzgerald, director, Self Communications

Volunteer recruitment with a £200 budget
Pippa Gardner, comms manager, Woodcraft Folk

Engaging the whole membership in redefining an org Jon Cousins, comms manager, Community Organisers

Make it social Angharad Francis, community manager and Emily Boardman, community manager, Social Misfits Media

Behavioural science Shane Donnellan, senior behaviour change specialist, Changeworks

Time for a new website? Sepas Seraj, founder and Kris Samyui Adams, creative director, Pixeled Eggs

Doing digital better Matt Collins, managing director, Platypus Digital

Other free resources

Writing Opinion Pieces – Peter Gilheany, director at Forster Communications, shares some hints and tips on how to write effective opinion pieces.

Turning cancelled events into digital events – Tips and strategies for how to switch to digital events with Vanessa Weddell, Head of Events at CharityComms.

Small Charities Coalition
Offering a huge range of information, advice and support for small charities and non-profit organisations.

NCVO’s Knowhow
Knowledge and e-learning for charities, social enterprises and community groups.

Charity Digital Code
The Charity Digital Code of Practice can help you figure out key digital actions for your charity to stay relevant and increase your impact and efficiency.

Reach Volunteering
Post an opportunity and search an online community to find the a trustee or skills-based volunteer for your charity.

Charity Finance Group
Offering a range of events, training and resources for finance professionals in the charity sector.

Free ready-made design templates for creating your own social media graphics, leaflets and reports etc with access to a wide range of images and design elements.

A searchable library of over 2 million photos, free to download and use for any project.

Charities Aid Foundation
Charity fundraising tips, advice and resources, including CAF Donate, the online donation platform.

Media Trust resources 
Access a range of free guides, toolkits, blogs and tips from the Media Trust.

The Foundation for Social Improvement
The FSI is a registered charity that supports small charities through free advice and subsidised training in strategy, governance, fundraising and impact.

Digital Resources for the third and youth sector in Wales
A resource of digital tools, tips and strategies to enable the third and youth sector (voluntary and maintained) in Wales to work better through the use of digital.

Google Digital Garage
Free online training, including introductions to digital marketing, online advertising and SEO.

A free collaboration tool that organises your projects into digital boards, which you can use with your team and volunteers to track and manage tasks.


AskCharity is a free service designed to help journalists and charities work together. Journalists can use it to find case studies, spokespeople and information from a wide range of charities. Charities can use it to build their media contacts and coverage. It’s open to non-members as well as CharityComms members and is completely free to sign-up for and use.