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Sometimes you just need a template – launching our new template library

17 July 2018

We know the feeling. You’ve been tasked with compiling a major comms document. You’re not sure where to start, you’re torn about what to include and you might even be worried you’ve misunderstood the brief.

Is it staring at you every time you sit at your desk? We get it – it’s a challenge finding all the bits that make a document coherent, accessible, and specific.

Whether you’ve been tasked with writing an organisational social media policy or a brief for a designer, we can help. We’ve just launched our template library  – a new free resource for charity communicators in need of resources to start them off on those bigger projects. We’ve got five new templates included in the launch, drawn from the generous contributions of our members and distilled down into standard templates that everyone can benefit from.

Inspired by the appetite for templates from our members, we spent some time sourcing documents from members and working them up for you. For now, we’re launching the library with the following documents: a case study consent form, a social media policy, a design brief, a crisis comms plan and a comms planner.

We’d like to thank Kim Hill from Hope Street Media for inspiring and proposing the idea in the Third Sector PR and Comms Facebook group, Kellie Smith who compiled the documents for us and all the charities that contributed their own templates to the project.

So next time you’re asked to create a new policy, planner, or form, save yourself some time and check out our template library to see if we’ve already created one. You can download the template for free, apply your own branding, make the relevant adjustments, and voila, you’re on your way.

If there are other documents you’d be willing to share, please do email us a copy so we can use it to create more templates for everyone to benefit from. And likewise, if there’s something you need, let us know and we’ll add it to our list of new templates to rustle up.

For now, go and check out what we do have, and if there are any other documents you think your charity has which we could use to create a new template, send them across to Christine. We’ll keep adding more to provide as much help as we can, so you can spend less time reinventing the wheel, and more time creating brilliant comms.

Image: Dari IIi on Unsplash

Duncan Hatfield

former projects manager, CharityComms

Duncan left CharityComms in 2018 to pursue an MA in Public and Social Policy. Over three years at CharityComms, Duncan moved from communications officer to project manager, successfully delivering projects such as the new-look Digital Benchmark platform and Communications Benchmark 2017 report. Duncan also volunteers with Turn2us to support people in need to gain access to benefits and grants.