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The benefits of mentoring with us

9 August 2016

We all have useful knowledge to share. It’s knowing the best place to share that knowledge that’s often challenging. 

At CharityComms, we offer organisational members the chance to join a peer support scheme. This includes a mentoring service where we match a mentee facing a particular challenge with a mentor who’s perhaps a little further along in their career and willing to share their knowledge, experience, skills or information to support the development of someone else. In order to keep it running, we rely on our members to step forward and generously give their time to support others in the community. 

Here are four reasons our mentors think mentoring is a valuable experience and why it might be right for you. 

Chance to reflect

I’ve found being a mentor genuinely rewarding. It’s not often we take time out to really reflect on someone else’s challenges, and in helping to navigate these I’ve learnt new things about myself too.
James Renwick, head of brand and creative, Macmillan

A rewarding experience

There really is nothing like a face-to-face relationship to inspire and motivate you. Everyone at and involved with CharityComms is super lovely, so you’ll enjoy it a lot too.
Matt Collins, managing director, Platypus Digital

Build confidence in your own skills

My relationship with my mentor gave me confidence to become a mentor myself. I wanted to develop my people management experience and work with a mentee at the same level as someone joining my team.
Shaf Mansour, head of digital content and communities, Barnardo’s

Develop valuable relationships

It was a real pleasure to see my mentee grow in confidence across our sessions and to be able to make bold strategic decisions at work based on our discussions. On top of that, I finished the mentoring scheme with a new friend, a bonus I wasn’t anticipating!
Niamh Paul, celebrity ambassador manager at British Heart Foundation


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Lally Wentworth

mentoring manager, CharityComms

Lally joined CharityComms in December 2008 to develop and manage the CharityComms membership scheme. She now runs our peer support scheme, including matching communications professionals working in the charity sector in mentoring relationships as part of their professional development.