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What excites charity communicators about their work?

13 October 2017

Earlier this year, we spoke to communicators from 273 charities about their hopes, fears and predictions for charity communications. Based on your responses, we created the Communications Benchmark 2017, to investigate how our sector has evolved over the last 10 years, and what might lie in the future.

Despite everyday frustrations, what shone through your responses was a passion for improving the lives of beneficiaries by overcoming challenges. There was palpable energy and enthusiasm for what you do, ranging from exploring digital to working with committed colleagues. Here are just some of the things to get excited about.

Celebrating comms success

 The pace of comms is being pushed and the importance of its roles in organisations seems to be stronger than ever.

 My organisation is doing so much fabulous stuff and I can’t wait to share it!

 We are a small charity punching well above our weight in the amount of coverage we achieve.

Digital and new tech opportunities

 Finally sorting out a digital marketing strategy and harnessing the power of online donations!

We’re trying harder to find other ways we can produce digital assets and I’ve found a way to develop a website for free.

Opportunities to experiment with new comms tools and platforms such as virtual reality…

Launching new projects and campaigns

 We have a new website ready to be launched, and plans to increase SEO, so it will be great to see if this improves awareness and increases public support.

 [We’re] moving to a mobile website. [There are] new campaigns and awareness raising initiatives afoot.

Opportunities to get involved in exciting campaigns and events.

Developing and launching new strategies

Writing a new communications strategy where we can bring in audio-visual and graphic design more.

 A more joined-up approach to comms across the organisation.

Having a new director with great comms knowledge and experience to focus all the great ideas from members of our board into a practical coherent strategy!

Improving, refreshing, and relaunching brands

 The opportunity to implement a rebrand for the charity and establish the first comms programme for the organisation.

I feel our awareness is on the up so it’s an exciting time to be here.

 Lots of positive, proactive work on our brand to come.

Increasing buy-in

 We’ve got better at integrated working and the teams are pulling together which means we can and will be able to achieve more.

 Being able to build on our strategy and try and get more organisational buy-in.

We are always getting more internal buy-in, so staff are engaged and we’re getting better things from them.

Focus on the good stuff

While it’s important to try to remove barriers and worries, just as crucial is allowing comms staff to spend time doing what they enjoy – trying new things, planning for future projects and recognising success, all with the aim of helping your beneficiaries.

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Image: Tim Marshall, Unsplash, 2017

Duncan Hatfield

former projects manager, CharityComms

Duncan left CharityComms in 2018 to pursue an MA in Public and Social Policy. Over three years at CharityComms, Duncan moved from communications officer to project manager, successfully delivering projects such as the new-look Digital Benchmark platform and Communications Benchmark 2017 report. Duncan also volunteers with Turn2us to support people in need to gain access to benefits and grants.