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Which bird communicator are you?

As both communicators and individuals, we each have our own style in the way we communicate. Our strengths, weaknesses and quirks make us who we are. Our membership offers services to meet your needs no matter what your superpowers are. But which service is most suited to your talents? Well, we have a fun quiz to help with that – Which bird communicator are you?

Which bird communicator are you?

Take the quiz to find out which bird most demonstrates your comms style and discover which CharityComms service most plays to your strengths. Will you be a Flamingo or an Owl? 

Share your results – #WhichBirdAreYou and encourage your colleagues to take part so you can see how your work style compares. 

What other birds might you have in your team?

Find out about the other birds in the drop-down boxes below. Which ones do you think match members of your team? Get them to try it out and see if you are correct.

But don’t spoil it for yourself if you haven’t taken the quiz yet!


SPOILER ALERT – Find out more about the bird personalities


Insightful and spiritual, you are an Owl!

You use your senses to guide you and most enjoy working in solitude, only venturing out when necessary. A logical thinker, you appreciate data and insight, and you will state your opinion persuasively. Others find you trustworthy and hardworking, as you take your responsibilities seriously. An observer of the world – you love to generate ideas and are able to turn your head to see problems from different angles.

Your CharityComms superpower – you have a knack for interpreting data so delve into our digital hub.


Decisive and bold, you are an Eagle!

You are a natural born achiever and a problem solver who loves to take charge of a situation, cutting straight to the point. Full of energy and spirit – your storytelling is second to none, but your always ‘on’ personality can turn into restlessness when bored. Others admire your visionary and risk-taking nature – and turn to you in times of crisis. You love having lively, challenging conversations, turning any discovered theories into plans.

Your CharityComms superpower – you are born to lead so consider becoming a mentor.


Outgoing and talkative, you are the parrot!

Motivated by positive communication and feedback you thrive in a team environment, boosting morale when times are tough. You have a knack for reading other people which allows you to effortlessly adapt to different situations and personalities. Your flock is a large network of collaborative relationships that inspire you to innovate and vocalise.

Your CharityComms superpower – get chatty and expand your network with our special interest groups.


Intelligent and independent, you are a crow!

Original and possibly eccentric, you trust your own opinions above others and others may see you as a bit of a guru! Your drive for knowledge means you can easily while the hours away on a new idea or theory. Not the leader of the pack as you dislike controlling others and you are a true introvert – preferring to forage alone, while getting lost in your own thoughts.

Your CharityComms superpower – grow your knowledge and dig deeper into our best practice guides and reports.


Flamboyant and the centre of attention, you are a Peacock!

If there is someone to start talking first, it’s going to be you! Your enthusiasm and positivity are infectious, but you don’t like being limited by time. You thrive in a social environment, preferring to speak face-to-face and this allows you to easily influence your peers. Others think your preening borders on the obsessive, but you accept this criticism as an inevitable consequence of being totally fabulous!

Your CharityComms superpower – as a natural speaker share your stories by speaking at one of our events.


Artistic and intelligent, you are a Penguin!

Unable to fly, your excess energy is suited to writing and creative pursuits. When it comes to intelligence you are a dark horse and become animated, but modest when mentally challenged – you love a puzzle! Others admire your writing style which is your ideal outlet of expression. You are a team player, so don’t be alarmed if you find yourself huddling with others to preserve motivation.

Your CharityComms superpower – with your creative talents don’t miss our Knowledge hub – build your brand or even write for us!

Which bird did you get?

Let us know on Twitter @CharityComms using hashtag #WhichBirdAreYou


Sensitive and loyal – you are the dove!

You dream of a better world and your overriding drivers are to create harmony and help others. Your patience and empathy are second to none and among the flock you are known as the one to count on for advice. A natural team player, you love to be part of a group and always focus on team success rather than individual stardom. It can be said you see the best in everyone, which can leave you vulnerable, but your instinct for survival ensures your success.

Your CharityComms superpower – guide others with our wellbeing resources & podcast on the worklife page.


Passionate and Flashy, you are the Flamingo!

Yours is a life of drama, whether that be good or bad. Your passion needs to be channeled into your work or a hobby, otherwise you can become downright temperamental. Others flock to your electric personality, look to you to lead and find your ‘loud’ sense of style quite groovy!

Your CharityComms superpower – channel your passion, challenge yourself and support others with stepping into comms leadership.