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Who Cares?

A hub of information and advice for building audience-centred engagement strategies in the non-profit sector.

Understanding and engaging not just the audiences we have but also the audiences we want is essential to survival. The world has changed around us and it’s time to stop, listen and make sure adopting engagement strategies that give power back to our audiences is at the heart of everything we do.

It’s time charities truly put their audiences in control and helped them realise their potential to help the sector change the world for good. We’re not there yet but we can and will be. Anything less won’t cut it.

“The more you know about the audiences you need to engage, the more successful you will be in influencing them.”

Published by CharityComms and written by Joe Barrell, principal and founder of agency Eden Stanley and former director of communications at Save the Children, ‘Who Cares?’ is rooted in the reality of working in the challenging environment of the non-profit world.

It offers a call-to-action for all those who are tirelessly striving to make a difference in today’s society. Let it be your guide to tapping into the skills and knowledge you and your teams already have in order to create audience engagement strategies that will drive real action and positive change.

The charity sector is in crisis, we need public support and we need to focus our efforts to get it, so let’s start by inspiring individuals to take action and putting the power back in their hands

Resources from ‘Who Cares?’

Why should you care?

“Ultimately organisations are made up of a load of people who believe something should be different. People who have come together to make that change happen. You have to help more people believe in that and allow them to align themselves with you.”

Phillipa Williams

Director of communications and marketing, Versus Arthritis

“Now that the world has changed around us, we have to fully adopt engagement strategies that give power back to our audiences and put them in the lead. Anything less won’t cut it.”

Joe Jenkins

Director of fundraising and supporter engagement, The Children's Society