Effective media relations for charities: what journalists want and how to deliver it

Tapping into the benefits the media can bring a charity is easier said than done. Successful media relations require a combination of skill, resources, good relationships – and a whole lot of luck.

However, positive media coverage is a vital tool in helping charities raise public awareness of an issue, highlight successes, campaign for change or build trust and confidence in their own operations and those of the sector more widely. 

For a number of reasons, the sector as a whole is not always well understood by the public, nor always applauded for its work or its methods. For individual charities – often reliant on voluntary contributions for their very survival – public perceptions of their value are especially important: every charity needs to able clearly to communicate how it’s pursuing its mission and why it uses the methods it does. Indeed, in many cases, effective communications is itself a crucial part of the charity’s mission.

Effective media relations for charities provides communications professionals with the tools they need to develop a media strategy which presents a consistent message that’s heard by the right people at the right time. The book is packed with insight from organisations both large and small to showcase a range of experiences across the sector.   

Written by Becky Slack, founder and managing director of Slack Communications, Effective media relations for charities distills 20 years’ experience on both sides of the media and charity into a practical resource for those organisations looking to improve their public relations activities.

Published in partnership with CharityComms, the book tackles the key challenges faced by charities when trying to secure positive media challenges including:

–    lack of resources and time
–    handling sensitive issues
–    understanding from senior management

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