Beyond vanity metrics: setting objectives for your social channels

Social Media Network
17 January 2019
14.30 - 17.30
Free and exclusive to CharityComms members (charities only). These events are for professionals who have strategic social media as the core function (over 50%) of their role.

Friends of the Earth
The Printworks, 1st Floor
139 Clapham Road

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Likes. Comments. Shares. Mentions. Conversions. Followers. Reach. Our social media channels provide us with loads of stats, but without the right social media goals and objectives for our organisations it’s difficult to know how well our social media strategy is performing.

So how do we dig beneath the vanity metrics to set meaningful KPIs that connect to our organisational objectives and measure the effectiveness of our social media activity?

Exploring all the main social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, here’s what we have planned for the third meeting of the Social Media Network:

  • Ice-breaker: what is and isn’t a vanity metric? And why?
  • Presentations: hear from a couple of charities nailing meaningful metrics
  • Discussion: discuss the role of social media measurement in general and in your own organisations. What’s working? What are the challenges?
  • Benchmarking group exercise: to enable us to share data and start an informal benchmarking process with the group, we’re asking everyone to bring an example of a recent successful post. We’ll ask you to share why this post was successful in reference to the stats and your objectives
  • Practical group exercise: we’ll give you a business objective (e.g. grow your community, increase brand awareness, increase traffic to website, take a campaign action etc) to discuss in small groups what meaningful KPIs you could set to measure the effectiveness of your social media activity

Booking your place

These events are for professionals working in charities who have strategic social media as the core function (over 50%) of their role. Please only book if this rings true with your role – thank you.

About the Social Media Network

This networking group looks to address a gap for strategic and professional development of social media leads working in charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Each meeting will offer a safe space for members to chat about working in charity social media, with the focus of discussions on strategy-led topics. This is a space to learn together and share best practice, challenges, successes and inspiration with your peers.

Attending the Social Media Network events is free and exclusive to CharityComms organisational and individual members (charities only).

In between events, stay in touch with your peers via the Facebook Group CharityComms Social Media Network.

These events are for professionals who have strategic social media as the core function (over 50%) of their role working in charities.

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