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Beyond vanity metrics: setting objectives for your social channels

Social Media Network

17 January 2019

Likes. Comments. Shares. Mentions. Conversions. Followers. Reach. Our social media channels provide us with loads of stats, but without the right social media goals and objectives for our organisations it’s difficult to know how well our social media strategy is performing.

So how do we dig beneath the vanity metrics to set meaningful KPIs that connect to our organisational objectives and measure the effectiveness of our social media activity?

This event was packed full of discussions, practical exercises and presentations. We discussed what is and isn’t a vanity metric and why, heard from the RNLI and Breast Cancer Care on the metrics that really matter and how this looks in practice, discussed the role of measuring and reporting in our organisations, informally benchmarked some of our social data, worked through a business objective setting meaningful KPIs to measure effectiveness of social activity, and came up with a load of top tips and advice to consider when it comes to measuring and reporting on social media activity.

Resources from the day

Notes from the activities: 

Presentation: Metrics that matter – Rich Ward, social media manager, RNLI

Presentation: Beyond vanity metrics – Dan Papworth-Smyth, digital engagement manager and Laura Herbert, social media co-ordinator, Breast Cancer Care

About the Social Media Network

This networking group looks to address a gap for strategic and professional development of social media leads working in charities and not-for-profit organisations.

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