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Psychology of communications – tools from the Behavioural Sciences


28 June 2018

How can charity communicators leverage psychological insights coming from the Behavioural Sciences to improve their communications and influence behaviours?  

At this event we built on last year’s sell-out psychology of communications conference – taking a deep dive into the very latest theories, tools and technologies used across the sectors to influence behaviours.


Copy copy copy – Mark Earls, pioneering and award-winning writer and consultant on marketing, communications and behaviour change

Listen to an audio recording of Mark’s talk (exclusive to CharityComms members. Email Sarah Cutress for the password)

Insights from a behavioural scientist – the evolution of irrationality – Mats Postema, behavioural scientist, Pennock & Postema

Combining behavioural research with user insight to design products that change behaviour – Haidee Bell, head of innovation, Save the Children

So what? Tips for making people care – Jillian Griffiths, account director, Creative Concern

View the video of Jillian’s slides to see the videos presented on the day

Reading the psychological literature: what you need to know and what you can leave behind – Zoe Williams, communications manager, Kidscape

The art and science of framing for social change – Nicky Hawkins, communications strategist and Tamsyn Hyatt, communications strategist, FrameWorks Institute

Lessons from sustainability communications – how to use imagery to achieve deeper impact – Léane de Laigue, head of communications, Climate Outreach

How to incorporate psychology into your comms strategy – Kate Brennan-Rhodes, senior planner, 23red

The psychology of storytelling – Stephen Follows, creative director, Catsnake

Using behavioural science to save the Rhino – Michaela Butorova, fundraising officer, Save the Rhino International

Changing attitudes towards maths – how a small charity is busting our national phobia of numbers – Rachel Malic, communications manager, National Numeracy

Using Nudge Theory to achieve a competitive edge with your UX – David Somerville, strategy director, Fresh Egg

Download Fresh Egg’s free whitepaper: Look East – using a behavioural insights framework to improve customer experience (this whitepaper explores how the popular EAST Behavioural Insights framework can work for marketing and transform your customer experience (CX))

Using social norms to influence behaviour – David Hall, executive director, Behaviour Change

The importance of priming – Bijal Rama, senior researcher and Tim Harrison, director of tracking research, nfpSynergy

What makes people tick? – Pat Dade, founding director, Cultural Dynamics Strategy and Marketing

Improving your fundraising through behavioural economics – Dana Segal, partner consultant, The Management Centre

In Your Corner – influencing how we think and act about mental health – Lizz Brocklesby, head of social marketing, Time to Change

What’s chocolate got to do with charity? – Shekhar Deshpande, global planning director and strategy consulting director, J Walter Thompson

Tweets from the day