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The future of public engagement – how will charities need to respond to changes in supporters, the media and the wider world over the next five years?


23 February 2017

While charities may be embracing new channels and developing new products, are they doing enough to evolve the way they communicate and engage with supporters?

What do charities need to do now to be ready to cope with the diverse and shifting supporter market, when the contrasts within age groups can be as marked as those between generations?

At this conference we explored the changing social context, gazed into the future, and looked at ways you can better understand your own current and potential supporters.

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Whatever next?             
Joe Barrell, director, Eden Stanley and editor of Whatever next? Public engagement in 2022

Responding to the everchanging media landscape: how will we cut through? 
Paul Gill, head of digital engagement, Oxfam GB

1a. Burst the bubble: engaging outside of our established audiences     
Nicky Hawkins, communications director, Equally Ours

1b. Public trust, authenticity, and the post-truth world
Tim Harrison, director, tracking research, nfpSynergy

1c. All back to 'why?'  
Charlie Peverett, brand strategist, Neo and Paul Macauley, story and identity person, Here

2a. Opt-in is coming: are you ready? 
Sara Thompson, marketing manager and Ruth Bessant, executive assistant, RNLI

2b. Live debate: How can charities optimise interest and engagement across generations           
Pete Grant, lead planner and Annie Moreton, strategy director, GOOD Agency

2c. The life online: using new technology to improve sexual health
Will Howells, head of digital, Terrence Higgins Trust

3a. Amnesty International: understanding and segmenting your audiences        
Sam Strudwick, head of digital and communications and Catherine Druce, communications strategist, Amnesty International

3b. Shelter: building a successful supporter journey programme
Cate Kirkbride, head of brand marketing, Shelter and Tracy Griffin, executive director of marketing, fundraising and communications, Scope

3c. Future proof: what will your team look like in 2022?
Sarah Fitzgerald, director, Self Communications Ltd (presentation on the day delivered by John Ground, chair of trustees, CharityComms and Joe Barrell, director, Eden Stanley)

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