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What’s in a name?

Brand Breakfast

23 April 2015

A lot actually. When Kellogg's tried to change the name of Coco Pops to Choco Krispies, sales dropped and there was a public outcry.

But when Apple dropped the 'computer' from the end of their name, sales remained steady, and it set the tone for the company as it evolved beyond computers. At this Brand Breakfast we discussed the pros and cons of evolving a brand name with presentations from recently renamed charities: All We Can, Prostate Cancer UK and Young Women's Trust.


Simeon Mitchell, director, communications and marketing and deputy chief executive, All We Can

Olivia Burns, head of marketing communications, Prostate Cancer UK

Download the article about Prostate Cancer's rebrand: 'How language reveals barriers to success' by Gill Ereaut, founding partner, Linguistic Landscapes

Rebecca Gill, director of policy, campaigns and communications, Young Women’s Trust