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Who cares? Building audience-centred engagement strategies in the non-profit sector

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Available On-Demand

This event took place on 21 January 2021 and all registered delegates were sent direct access details for the recordings. Please only book your place here if you missed the event the first time round.

This on demand event is free both members and non-members.

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As we leave behind one of the strangest years of our lives, there has never been a more important time to review and renew our engagement strategies. If 2020 was a time of rapid response and transformation, then 2021 should be a time for taking stock and refocusing our efforts, to ensure our brands reflect our core purposes and resonate with audiences in the new normal.

We’re running this special event for communications leaders alongside the launch of our book – Who cares? Building audience-centred engagement strategies in the non-profit sector. Its author – Joe Barrell – will be taking us through the challenges set up by the book, and an overview of the strategy process it describes, plus there will be opportunities to hear from leading comms lights about how they’re tackling some of the big strategic challenges and opportunities today.  

There will be a chance for you to explore your own approaches with your peers, in our directors’ chat session. We look forward to seeing you there!


Who is this event for?

Comms leaders: directors, heads and senior managers of comms, engagement, marketing and fundraising looking to explore strategic approaches to engagement.


Adeela Warley 
CEO, CharityComms

People first - the five pillars of external engagement

In his talk, Joe will offer a constructive challenge to the sector to raise its game and rethink approaches to external engagement. He will walk us through some of the key components of the model laid out in the book followed by a live Q&A.  

Joe Barrell 
executive director, Eden Stanley

Panel discussion: emerging challenges and opportunities

Comms directors discuss emergent engagement challenges and opportunities and how they are preparing to tackle them.

Emma Harrison 
Chief Executive, imix

Cheryl Hughes 
head of brand, RNID

Sophie Castell 
director of relationships, RNIB

Ruwani Purcell 
deputy director of communications, Teenage Cancer Trust

Phillipa Williams
head of communications, Versus Arthritis

Breakout discussions

We know you love to talk to each other – here’s your opportunity to discuss your approach to engagement and to work out where to best focus your energy and efforts.

Closing remarks