Category: Fundraising

Stories put the fun into grant fundraising

By Lisa Pettifer, Amazon PR
2 June 2015

Showcasing the potential of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds

By Paul Brown, The Prince’s Trust
7 April 2015

Where’s our viral campaign?

By Anonymous, Mystery UK charity
24 March 2015

#SeeTheMiracle – live digital storytelling from Sightsavers

By Julie Jenner, Sightsavers
28 October 2014

How did a patient appeal become a global feel-good story?

By Emily Rosselli, Terrence Higgins Trust
1 July 2014

How to run a successful crowdfunding campaign

By Kirsty Marrins, JustGiving
20 May 2014

What’s your ask really asking? Lessons from communicating about nature

By Elena Blackmore, Public Interest Research Centre
20 November 2013

Why running and charities are the perfect partnership

By Emma Nicol, Door 22 Creative
11 March 2013

Is poor storytelling threatening digital fundraising?

By James Brown, Public Zone
10 December 2012