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Individual membership

If you’re a freelancer working in charity comms, or working solo / as part of a small comms team at a charity or not-for-profit, individual membership is for you.

Membership offers high quality free or low-cost events and training and special interest groups, ideas and inspiration to develop your skills, your confidence, your network and your career.

Charity Digital Conference 2018 - member networking

Your membership benefits

Keep up to date with trends in communications

Be part of a community of others working in your field

  • Networking – both live events opportunities and our online communities
  • AskCharity – connecting you with journalists
  • Fortnightly e-newsletters – including latest sector news, innovations and articles on our website
  • Be part of our network of charity comms professionals
  • Individual members working as freelancers in the sector can feature on our freelance directory

Build your skills and knowledge of the sector

Full terms and conditions for individual membership

How much will it cost?

Membership period Annual subscription
1 year £92+vat
2 years £160+vat (13% less than paying for two separate years)

Freelancers can also reclaim the tax paid on their membership fee as CharityComms is included in the HMRC’s list of approved professional organisations and learned societies.

Part of a comms team?

If you’re part of a larger communications team with others who would benefit from CharityComms, you might want to consider organisational membership. This covers everyone working at the organisation with the same benefits and more, including access to our Peer Support Scheme (which is exclusively for organisational members).

Not sure if your charity / nonprofit is already a member?

Check our list of current members. If your charity is already an organisational member and you’d like to be added to their subscription, just email Sarah Clarke with your name and job title. Don’t forget to let us know which special interest group networks you would like to join!

For me, being a member of CharityComms is as vital as having a mobile phone – and cheaper! The regular, up to date information about what’s going on in the sector is so useful and they always seem to be releasing a paper or best practice guide on something really useful to me, just when I need it. I’ve really valued meeting lots of other communicators from the charity sector and it’s been great to feel part of a bigger community of people who are all committed to excellence across the sector as well as within our own organisations. I have attended a number of seminars (free with membership!) and conferences and they are always packed full of useful information, advice and best practice that you can take back and start using straight away. I’m a fan!

Fiona Furman

media manager, Toybox

Membership of CharityComms is like a lifeline to me, as one of the flotsam and jetsam of charity communicators/marketeers floating around in a sea of colleagues who don't really understand the role! It’s so rewarding to attend events dedicated to the concerns of people who face similar challenges, and the email updates are a great way to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of charity communications.

Sue Owen

marketing manager, Mathematics in Education and Industry