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Speaker opportunities

We’re always looking for inspiring speakers and sponsors to share their knowledge and experience at our events.

We’re always looking for inspiring speakers to share their knowledge and experience at our events.

What we’re looking for

  • Charities willing to share examples of best practice, innovation and challenges
  • Agencies working on interesting communications projects with charity clients
  • Comms professionals from public or corporate organisations – we like to learn from other sectors

Sound like you?

Please get in touch with our senior content producer Emma for conferences and seminars or our head of events Vanessa for special interest groups and UK-wide groups.

Check out our upcoming events calendar.

Our Speaker Fee Policy

CharityComms is a charity itself and works on a peer-to-peer learning model. The generosity of our members allows us to showcase best practice in the sector and helps raise the profile of those working in the sector. We run our events as efficiently as possible to provide good value for our members. We are transparent and fair in how we engage with speakers, and believe that this transparency helps us attract a diverse range of speakers.

 We do not pay speakers of these types:

  • Peer-to-peer speakers from charities
  • Consultants or agency representatives who are not delivering a stand-alone workshop or webinar that we pre-commissioned

We pay a nominal fee of £50 + VAT to these types of speakers:

  • Speakers from outside of the sector who might not have a natural reason to present at our events; we occasionally bring in voices from outside of the sector to learn how other sectors are working
  • Speakers who are representing themselves and not an organisation, or have lived experience and are not currently working for a charity.
  • Freelancers we have approached to speak at an event.

We pay if we commission training

We will pay our trainers when training is part of someone’s business and takes significant time for planning, developing and preparation. This payment is a standardised fee of £500 and non-negotiable for any new trainings we commission.

 We practice what we preach

As CharityComms staff we are often asked to speak at other events outside of our organisation. We do not accept speaker fees for these events as we’re a charity ourselves. We will charge commercial organisations for our time.