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Twitter logo cushion and cameras on a desk. Credit Edgar Moran
24 May 2022
Wondering what Elon Musk buying Twitter could mean? Here are some things for charity communicators to consider as we await the next stage in his potential takeover of Twitter...
Earth in the palm of a hand showing India and China. Image credit Greg Rosenke
20 May 2022
In order for charities to achieve their charitable objectives we as communicators need to address the environmental crisis. Here are some tips from our #CommsCreateChange conference to help you get started...
A still from The Girl Who Built A Rocket animation from WaterAid. Image shows Fara in an astronaut helmet.
17 May 2022
WaterAid's starting point was a desire to evolve storytelling, seeking different ways to engage people in the global water crisis and represent the communities with which they work.
Macro Photography of Tree reflected in a glass ball
13 May 2022
Ahead of ‘Communicating to create change: tackling the environmental crisis’ our sponsors share examples of charities that are strong when it comes to producing environmental comms that cut through…
Colorful Stack Toy on Blue Background
10 May 2022
As communications professionals we know accessible communications is important. Here’s some things that you can put in place today that would make a difference to the lives of visually impaired people…
video camera on desk with light. Credit harry truong
6 May 2022
A film series can be a great way to grab the attention of mainstream audiences, Here are four reasons to create a charity series…
wo Ceramic Cups Filled with Latte on Wooden Surface
3 May 2022
Mentoring is all about communication. Here are some suggestions from CharityComms’ mentoring manager on how to work through a mentoring agreement…
Hearts in the grass. Credit engin akyurt
29 Apr 2022
Here are some of the ways charities are helping communicate the cost of living crisis right now and how they are offering their support…
Earth globe toy placed among green plants
26 Apr 2022
This year it was amazing to see how charities used Earth Day to make the connections between their various causes and the environmental crisis we face. Here's just a few that grabbed our eye...
3D Cartoon Rocket Space Launching on blue background. Credit Andy Hermawan
22 Apr 2022
Re-launching your charity website and it’s the first time you’ve been responsible for a new website, you’re feeling stuck and need to know where to begin? Here’s some tips…
Heart Shaped Green Cookies
19 Apr 2022
Now remote or hybrid working is becoming the norm, how can we make sure we’re supporting our teams and keeping up morale? Here are some suggestions...
Balloons in the sky
12 Apr 2022
Working together towards a common purpose can be an important part of joining a particular community. Here are just some of the benefits of being in a community…
A blue fridge magnet question mark on a pink background
8 Apr 2022
For small charities, times of trouble are when knowing who you are, and being able to articulate that clearly to the world, matters most.
Orange and White Lifebuoy on Yellow ship. Diego F Parra
5 Apr 2022
At Mercy Ships they've embraced innovation to create an immersive 3D experience that enables them to raise awareness while telling real people’s stories. Find out how...
multicoloured planet
1 Apr 2022
The environmental crisis impacts us all no matter who we are, or what our charity's purpose may be. Here’s some of the ways charities are talking about the environmental crisis...