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CharityComms podcast: An introduction to all things wellbeing with Kirsty Marrins

23 March 2021

Wellbeing is something we know we should think about but is too often right at the bottom of our list. Feelings of burnout and fatigue are buried to get the job done and keep going but it’s important that we find ways to look after ourselves especially in the times we are living in.

That’s why the new season of the relaunched CharityComms podcast will be focusing on all things wellbeing.

So, what can you expect? Well, we are mixing things up a little with a slight format change. We will be having a guest host take over each episode and they will be inviting three guests to be interviewed about various topics surrounding wellbeing such as strategies for self-care, investing in staff wellbeing, warning signs, advice and much more. Many of these topics are an extension of the points covered in our CharityComms Wellbeing guide for comms professionals which our first guest Kirsty Marrins, freelance digital consultant and CharityComms trustee, co-authored.

Tune in to hear Kirsty and her guests, Lara Burns, chief digital officer at Scouts, Kirsty Campbell, senior regional relationship manager at Blood Cancer UK, and Robin Lanfear, communications manager at Impetus, discuss the need for an open culture around mental heath and wellbeing and the importance of leadership driving it from the top down. This is not an episode to be missed if you are looking for better ways to support your team and ensure that they feel looked after. A great practical top tip that I discovered from our guest host is that if you’re sick of looking at your face on Zoom meetings all day long you can select the ‘Hide self-view’ option and viola! You’ve vanished!

An introduction to all things wellbeing with Kirsty Marrins

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As previously mentioned, CharityComms has a wellbeing guide for comms professionals, and I wanted to stress that wellbeing is all our responsibility, and the guide is for everyone – whether you are a sole communicator or work in a much larger team.

It’s a resource that we hope will continue to be relevant so if you feel your organisation is making great strides in ensuring staff wellbeing is a focus then please get in touch to share your tips.

And remember if there’s something you’d like to hear about or if you’ve got any questions for us, you can catch us on Twitter, I’m @LaurenHaizel or headover to the CharityComms Twitter page – @CharityComms. Alternatively, you can reach me at my CharityComms email, which is in the episode description.

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Listen to this episode on AudioBoom from your desktop or download from Spotify or from the podcast app on your iPhone. You can also access a full transcription of the podcast here. CharityComms podcast: An introduction to all things Wellbeing with Kirsty Marrins (

Lauren Obeng-Owusu

Events and membership assistant, CharityComms