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Audience first: defining, understanding and reaching your key targets


16 July 2014

Defining, segmenting, prioritising and researching your key audiences will help you reach the right people with the right messages – inspiring them to make a difference and helping you to achieve your organisation’s mission.

There are many ways to define your audiences, for example by attitude, behaviour, geo-demographic, past engagement and so on. So where should your organisation begin and how can you get a clear view of who your best prospects are to ensure you limit waste and increase efficiency?

This conference was packed with inspiring case studies that showed many different ways to define, research, segment and prioritise your key audiences and ultimately how you can make an audience-centred approach part of your organisation’s long-term strategy for growth.

This event was sponsored by The Good Agency.

Resources from the day

Read tweets from the event

Listen to Mark Atkinson's presentation on 'Segmenting by demographic and attitude – influencing young professionals'

Take a look at Dan Dufour's article on Refreshing the RNIB story to reach new audiences


Dan Dufour, head of brand and engagement, The Good Agency; Natasha Dickinson, head of marketing and communications, RNIB

Mark Atkinson, director of external affairs, Scope

Annie Moreton, deputy director individual giving and legacies, Save the Children

Imogen Wilson, head of communications, Plan UK

Ranila Ravi-Burslem, head of marketing planning and analysis, NEST

Ben Holt, digital manager, Médecins Sans Frontières

Ali Jeremy, director of communications, NSPCC; Stephen Nutt, senior campaigns officer, NSPCC

Lindsay Herbert, global head of digital, Precedent

Anton Ivankiv, business planning and forecasting manager, RSPB; Andrew Manly, researcher – supporter insight, RSPB

Joe Korner, director of external affairs, Stroke Association

George Ames, associate director, Forster Communications

Lee Gisbourne, data analysis manager, RNLI; Jeff Gould, senior innovation manager, RNLI

Tracey Pritchard, head of fundraising and supporter development, Friends of the Earth; Michele Madden, managing director, nfpSynergy